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Amazing , looking forward to using on my travels :)

Useful translator

Works good for me

Tolle App. Hat mir sehr geholfen

Tolle App. Funktioniert Super

Excellent website!

I have learned and traveled through Italy successfully using this translator. It is excellent. Grazie Mille!

Amazing at my fingertips!

I love this app and I use this at least daily.

User friendly. Fast and accurate.

I have put this app to good use almost every day since I purchased it. I’ve been studying Spanish for about four years and this application really helps as a supportive method. Highly recommended.

Works great until OS updated

Great until OS updates then crashes. Fixes are slow. Not good when you count on using the app daily. This happened on the last os update and the current. But it is the best translater when working properly. Using a iPhone 6s Plus.

Translation is not accurate.

English to Thai and Thai to English translation Is not accurate and sometimes has different meaning.

Love this app!

I have been around the world using this wonderful app. From translating Russian, Portuguese and a myriad of other languages I am able to communicate with people and in areas where no English spoken. Fantastic!

It’s good

I would say The Chinese translation is 60% correct that’s better than most translators this is the best one that I’ve used so far


Has helped immensely

English to Spanish

Just a great app

Voice/Word Recognition

Simply doesn’t recognize what is being said in English as well as foreign language(Spanish). Frustrating

UI is a slow process

For a “baby-boomer”, switching back & forth, trying to either speak or text is laborious. I’m not about to pay $39 a yr for a subscription, so this is “ok” for the one time cost of $20. Need more libraries of languages, and at $20, you’d think they’d have them (Lithuanian).



Excellent to learn manny languages

Review of the app

The people I know all have your app, but all are reluctant to use it because of the constant danger of accidentally deleting all of their prior work. This happens to everybody I've asked about this. Most of them use the Google app instead, because there it's easy to scroll back through the prior translations without fear of losing them. And a crucially important feature of any language translater is is that it can keep your work for easy review. Please fix this obvious glaring flaw. Because of it, I, and more than just a few others, rate your app at 1, or below.


I love it and it’s so fascinating to learn about other languages and some of them I have never heard of before 🤩😀😍

I can’t share the app with my family

I have paid for the application some time ago. Recently one of my family members bought an iPhone and I added them to my family sharing plan. Unfortunately even though the application says it supports family sharing it seems to not be able unless we buy it again. Please fix this

Why not a single button to erase?

With the touch of one button to erase your content, this app would be better. There’s no need to keep many notes that are not needed.

Not working for me

I have a Spanish friend and neither him or I can get it to do the sentence right. Save your money on this one..


I don't know if it's $20 good but it's better than iTranslator

Five stars

Very beneficial, I use it for my cleaning lady when I’m not sure how to say it Spanish.

It works!

This app is like having a local to translate for you while traveling in foreign countries. You won’t have to look for someone who speaks English.

Decent translation, but offline doesn’t work

I spent $20 on this app for traveling in Europe and Japan. It works ok when I have cellular data, but can’t do voice-to-voice translation when I’m w/o data or wi-fi, which defeats the purpose for this purchase. Thus I consider the app description to be misleading. If the developer can make the OFFLINE voice-to-voice experience seamless, then this app is worth the $20 investment for foreign travels. For now, the free Google Translate is an excellent alternative.

Thank you

This application is superb and excellent but I suggest adding other languages ​​with thanks

A big help

Excellent resource thanks!

Getting started

I just do t know how to Use it yet and i cant find a tutorial Maybe theres a youtube one I'm gonna look

Not sure about this app

Continues to free and not easy to swap between languages to clarify both sides of the words being translated. I have to keep opening and closing the app to get it to perform on the iPhone X

Needs Needs to be able to work not just with internet to be able to work not just with internet

Needs to be able to work not just with internet

Great app needs work

While I love this app, it has too many errors. I use it for English/Hebrew. There are many simple words where mistranslations are provided. Just one recent example: כף = spoon but translates as cape. I need to double check words with another translator to be sure of accuracy. If not for these errors, I’d give this a 5 rating as I use it all the time.

Traductor de vos

Me encanta lo mejor k del mundo


Me gusta mucho

Good app

Nice app very good job


No se que haría sin esta aplicación,mi vida sería un caos, mil gracias.

It’s a good app👍



Does not translate any commonly used words like dude or “bro”. Too straight laced.

A excellent app solution

Is great!!



Just what I'm looking for...

This app is just what I'm looking for: I (emphasizing the I) can easily navigate and operate it It's a one shop app for all the languages I need help with You can use this app without being connected (though the vocabulary may be limited)

Too Slow for my iPhone 6 Plus!

Purchased this app in expensive price. And it didn’t work as expected! It is too slow in high speed WiFi connection. It’s ashamed when I try to translate from English to Hindi we’ve waited for so long and it’s just keeps spinning until I swiped it to close and restart but the same result. A friend of my mine using free version on Android OS phone and works very fast than my paid version in iPhone 6! So I guess this app free version works better on Android.


Excellent translation capabilities

El mejor traductor en tu bolsillo

Traduce al instante qué hablas excelente lo que buscabas!


Recomiendo esta aplicacion




It doesn’t understand a single thing that you say correctly. But some of it is ridiculously funny. I can’t imagine ever using this in the real world for anything other than a drinking game. I tried both with my apple headphone mic and without. Four bar 4G signal, in a quiet room. Woeful but really entertaining :-)

Translations are jacked up

Seems as though the languages get a bit intermingled at times in the translation. Also, unless it is a common phrase, anything remotely difficult or complex gets translated literally which is almost harder to decipher than just speaking a different language. I’ve spent $20 to continue to stumble through Haitian Creole or more advanced Spanish.

Can't live without it

I work with a company in Barcelona . We use the app quit often to translate there language for us and ours for them. Very good for our work with them.

Muy buena

Es muy excelente app


Muy bueno me gusta

Bad Translation

In fact the translation is very very poor. I regret paying $19.00 to install this app. I won’t recommend it to anyone. That will be it.


Traduz tudo errado

I love it as a French learner!

Since I was twelve years, I’ve been spending some time to learn words and phrases like “Ça m’est égal! or “I don’t care!” etc. I also love, how we’re able to have a French-Canadian accent as both male and female! This’ll help me, when I’m going to go camping near Montreal!

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