Speak & Translate Premium App Reviews

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App is horrible

Im having a huge problem with this , it doesnt understand what I say. Half of the words I say are translated into other words, find another app!!! This shouldnt even be a free app! They should be paying me!!

Other languages

No Persian??? Come on

The translator

This is great !!! I can now have a conversation with my son- in- law !! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!

Easy and fun

Great way to learn a new language.

Really useful ap!

I love it, and the ability to switch between text and speech. So far, its been fantastic. Little things like the extra-tiny text and the light blue theme with fine white text imbedded make it difficult to see. Otherwise, I love it! Thank you for making Canadian French dialect available!


This is really close to the real deal. I am truly impressed.

Very helpful for In Law visit from Brazil

My son in law had his parents visit recently from Brazil. We were at a loss of how to communicate without an interpreter. The app was very helpful as we went on a side trip together alone neither speaking the other language. Was a bit surprised at the price but you had me over a barrel because we needed it.

Not worth $9.99!

Not worth $9.99! Goggle translator which is free is more useful. This app is not useful and would take a lot of battery life. Wish I could get my money back


Very cool!


The free version did not work. Upgraded to the paid version. Same result. Unless selling the "pimp your screen" app is its purpose & function, and your screen needs to be pimped, worthless.

Good design

I like the user interface and have not found a better translation app.


Bence iyi calisiyor

Great App - Really Works Well

I bought this app to communicate with our landlord, at least until we can speak basic Hebrew. The app does exactly what it advertises. Strings recommended, especially if learning a new language.


But a lot of ads :-(

Very impressive

A very handy translator for traveling! Keep improving it!!!

Great app!

I Uber throughout the SF Bay Area and this comes in handy when talking with drivers.

Extremely helpful

We had two Korean girls in our house and this was extremely helpful.

Thank You!

To all of you who worked on this I offer my thanks. This is step toward learning, understanding and friendship. Good on you!


Anche offline non sarebbe stata male


I love it. It is very helpful.

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